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Do not install the air conditioner in a place where flammable
liquids or gases such as gasoline, propane, paint thinner, etc., are
Make sure that the pipe and the power cable connecting the
indoor and outdoor units are not pulled too tight when installing
the air conditioner.
Use standard circuit breaker and fuse that conform to the rating of
the air conditioner.
Do not input air or gas into the system except with the specific
Use non-flammable gas (nitrogen) to check for leak and to purge
air; using compressed air or flammable gas may cause fire or
The indoor/outdoor wiring connections must be secured tightly,
and the cable should be routed properly so that there is no force
pulling the cable from the connection terminals. Improper or loose
connections can cause heat generation or fire.
Install dedicated electric outlet and circuit breaker before using the
air conditioner.
Do not connect the ground wire to a gas pipe, a lightning rod, or a
telephone ground wire.
Keep any required ventilation openings clear of obstruction.
Be sure to use only those parts listed in the service parts list.
Never attempt to modify the equipment.
Make sure that children do not climb on or hit the outdoor unit.
Dispose of the batteries in a place where there is no danger of
Use only the refrigerant specified on the air conditioner label.