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About the Manuals
No part of the documentation included with this product may be reproduced, transmitted,
transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form, by any means,
without Nikon’s prior written permission.
Nikon reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software described in
the documentation at any time and without prior notice.
Nikon will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this product.
While every effort was made to ensure that the information in the documentation is accurate and
complete, we would appreciate it were you to bring any errors or omissions to the attention of the
Nikon representative in your area (address provided separately).
Notice Concerning Prohibition of Copying or Reproduction
Note that simply being in possession of material that was digitally copied or reproduced by means
of a scanner, digital camera or other device may be punishable by law.
Items prohibited by law from being copied or reproduced
Do not copy or reproduce paper money, coins, securities, government bonds or local government
bonds, even if such copies or reproductions are stamped “Sample.” The copying or reproduction of
paper money, coins, or securities which are circulated in a foreign country is prohibited. Unless the
prior permission of the government was obtained, the copying or reproduction of unused postage
stamps or post cards issued by the government is prohibited. The copying or reproduction of
stamps issued by the government and of certified documents stipulated by law is prohibited.
Cautions on certain copies and reproductions
The government has issued cautions on copies or reproductions of securities issued by private
companies (shares, bills, checks, gift certificates, etc.), commuter passes or coupon tickets, except
when a minimum of necessary copies are to be provided for business use by a company. Also, do
not copy or reproduce passports issued by the government, licenses issued by public agencies and
private groups, ID cards and tickets, such as passes and meal coupons.
Comply with copyright notices
The copying or reproduction of copyrighted creative works such as books, music, paintings,
woodcut prints, maps, drawings, movies and photographs is governed by national and international
copyright laws. Do not use this product for the purpose of making illegal copies or to infringe
copyright laws.
Disposing of Data Storage Devices
Please note that deleting images or formatting data storage devices such as memory cards or built-
in camera memory does not completely erase the original image data. Deleted files can sometimes
be recovered from discarded storage devices using commercially available software, potentially
resulting in the malicious use of personal image data. Ensuring the privacy of such data is the user’s
Before discarding a data storage device or transferring ownership to another person, erase all data
using commercial deletion software, or format the device and then completely refill it with images
containing no private information (for example, images of empty sky). Be sure to also replace any
images selected for the Select an image option in the Welcome screen setting (A86). Care
should be taken to avoid injury or damage to property when physically destroying data storage

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